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We are excited to introduce two amazing and passionate young women, Dakini and Celena.  Through their art, poetry and music, they are, at once, embracing the individual and celebrating community, asserting themselves and dissolving the barriers between audience and performer.  Their words express frustration, fearlessness and sometimes anger, but always also an underlying compassion for their generation and faith in the future.

Dakini & CelenaDakini Star was born Larissa Morning Star, birthed in 1980 in Summertown, TN. Raised with strong feminist ideals and great reverence for the divine feminine, she addresses intense political issues with these essential ideologies at the foundation of her work. Dakini's vision is to create eclectic fusion of the arts as a medium for expressing truth in an undeniable fashion, weaving together spoken word poetry, rhyme, song, music, ritual, dance and theater. She currently resides in the North Bay Area of California where she is actively working to create/activate a multi-faceted artists collective called The Goddess Alchemy Project, an endeavor through which she integrates her experience as an entrepreneur as well as her fiery passion as a creatress.

Delphi was born on the Farm in Summertown, TN in 1983. She was raised in Northern California where she learned the skills to navigate through dominant culture while keeping another foot in the communal lifestyle of her roots. She attended UC Santa Cruz, where she began to pursue Community Studies, and was guided internationally where she received immense inspiration to study and work on humanitarian issues both abroad and at home. She has created a fusion lifestyle weaving artistic expression with activism and community service work. She currently resides in the bay area where she is co creating a women's art collective and working as a youth service provider in San Francisco.

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