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Birthing the Music

Musical artists Christie Hardwick Vianson and Mary Sarah exchange stories about how music is born to them.

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Christie Hardwick ViansonSinging since childhood, Christie Hardwick Vianson frequently performs her own compositions and has recently completed her first commercial CD entitled "Keep the Lights On."  In addition to her musical accomplishments, Christie is the founder of Spirited Contribution, an executive coaching and consulting firm that specializes in helping individuals and organizations break through limitations and step up to what her new company brands as "spirited contribution."

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Mary Sarah

Mary Sarah's artistic journey began in kingergarten when, much to her mother's surprise, she would don a headdress made of dish towels and dance around the house for hours.  By age 11 she was singing and dancing professionally.  Mary Sarah & Elements of Return have been cited alongside Brian Eno, Laurie Anderson and Peter Gabriel as innovators.  Like their compatriots, they are emerging through their unique voice and originality.

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Mary Sarah & Elements of Return

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Lift (Danys Levasseur, lead guitar; Mahir Bostandzija, percussion; Mary Sarah, vocals)

What If I Believed (piano by Edwin Coppard & lyrics by Christie)

Red, White & Blue

The theme song for Offerings' "In Good Company" podcast series is "J' Love" written and performed by Kelesha Martin and produced by Ron Moton of Moton Productions.  For more of Ms. Martin's music, please visit her site at www.KeleshaMartin.com

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