A co-creative field for evolving women

Our Creative Works

Offerings is...

...a co-creative field where rich and diverse artistic expressions of the emerging story of women unfold. During the course of our first year, we have focused on the myriad of ways in which women experience the act of Birthing. We are proud and excited to offer the works of so many talented artists. Please explore our book on birthing; our artists' corner; our podcast series about women giving birth or expression to their art, music, dance, or cause. Then join in our online conversation. We'd love to hear from you!

The Print Publications

As we inquire into the themes of women's lives today, we create and receive works of expression, exploration, and celebration. In 2007 and 2008, we are completing The Offerings Book on Women and Birthing... now and ever more... (…read more)

The Audio Publications

We are pleased to offer members access to our wonderful podcast series, "In Good Company."   These segments will feature women in conversation about how they are evolving themselves and their environments in unique and inspiring ways. (…read more)

The Visual Publications

The Artists' Corner is a space for our artist collective. Come see their vibrant expressions in celebration of evolving women! (…read more)

The Online Conversation

Our blogs are extensions of the conversations we initiate through each of our publications -- print, audio, and visual. We invite you to make full use of this venue to co-create with us the story of evolving women! (…read their blog )