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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Offerings and to consider supporting her future development. At Offerings we are committed to developing a business venture that is life affirming for the Offerings community, the work we put out into the world, and all who are touched by Offerings' products and services.

Offerings is all about a reciprocal relationship, a gifting and receiving of the creative and vital. Currently, Offerings' is seeking as its primary revenue source women's networks who are looking to be more meaningful, collaborative and valuable in their world; and the companies and foundations who believe that the world will greatly benefit from the health, strength, capability, and development of these networks.

If you agree, then consider investing in Offerings. We are currently building our capacity, focusing our talents and energies on women's networks -- increasing the potential of women to connect as leaders in their companies and communities. Our work with women's networks and organizations focuses on the following deliverables:

1. Collaborative social processes
2. Online interactivity
3. New media generation

Invest in the evolution of Offerings. Current start up cash flow prevents us from launching as swiftly as we desire. With your investment we could activate our service to women's networks sooner and more fully, reaching out to our market directly rather than waiting for them to discover us.

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