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At Offerings we believe that our best selves lie not in what we acquire or achieve in this world, but in what we are called to give back to it - meaning, value and vibrancy into the lives of women all over the globe. This space is dedicated to that idea and to celebrating all that is possible for Offerings Out in the World.

Women Weavers of India
By Teresa Ruelas

There is a beautiful story about a woman, Sally Holkar, who came to me at a Gather the Women Conference in Dallas, Texas, clearly moved by my sharing of who Offerings is. Sally heads the Women Weavers of India, a cooperative of weavers. She explained that although the women could neither read nor write, they wanted to be part of the growing Offerings family and felt that their shawl weaving could be their gift to the community. I was so moved by such a heartfelt and grace-filled gesture! (The complete story of Sally Holkar will appear in our upcoming book on Women and Birthing.)

Already, many who have heard and read the story ("Weaving a Gift from India") have been touched by it. I was sharing the story with a young woman, Gianna Driver, at an event of the International Museum of Women one evening, and I watched her whole face light up into a big, gorgeous smile. She proceeded to tell me about the business she was starting, Vita Gabrielli, in high fashion design. They use natural material and processes, and her aim is to support women's cooperatives around the world. Finally she said she was planning a trip to India to meet with representatives of different women's clothing businesses. Of course, I immediately wrote to Sally when I got home, and now they have connected to do business together.

And so the gift moves forward in wondrous ways.